The current Government is not credible, the people had their say during the local elections, and early general elections are needed for us to have a fully legitimate Government, said VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski during his visit to Sveti Nikole today.

This is the most criminal, most incompetent Government that has ever functioned in Macedonia. The only decision that needs to be made in the coming period is the one to call early general elections. Anything else is an attempt by the minority partner in the SDSM – DUI coalition to attempt to show that they still have some political capital before the international community and to work to sell off the Macedonian national identity and the Macedonian state. That is something we will not allow, Mickoski said, adding that he is “shocked by level of humiliation DUI is exposing Zaev to by openly rejecting his decision to resign”.

Zaev activated his resignation as SDSM party leader on Friday evening but is still trying to keep together his coalition with DUI, with his Albanian partner outspoken in their demand that Zaev remains as Prime Minister. Mickoski said that these continued delays are having a human toll, pointing to the series of accidents that culminated with the bus disaster in Bulgaria that killed 45 people, and is largely caused by corruption and incompetence of the regulatory institutions.