VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski addressed the public via Facebook, noting that this government pursues harmful policies. Mickoski points out that such policies instead of progress, are only bringing regress. In just three years, there is hardly any segment left of Macedonia’s foundations that the outgoing prime minister and this government have not shattered.

I follow that debate where Zoran Zaev says that they are yet to decide how to decide to react to BAS’ decision. I would like to remind you of a Resolution in the Bulgarian Parliament that dispute the Macedonian language. All this remained unnoticed and without reaction of the Macedonian state. After all, the blame should not be sought with the neighbors, they would have fought badly for their interests if they did not use such a disastrous policy of our government, Mickoski said, adding that Zaev is to blame for not delivering on his promises and for shattering all segments of Macedonia’s foundations.

Mickoski went on to say that two months ago he put forward an initiative, which he would re-actualize in the Macedonian Parliament to adopt a joint resolution by consensus to protect and affirm the uniqueness and authenticity of the Macedonian language.

After all, such a Resolution will not mean any aspiration, but a confirmation of what is ours and sending a political message that as a state we shave our own  language different from all others, Mickoski said.