In a heartfelt message addressed to all Christian believers commemorating Easter according to the Gregorian calendar, Hristijan Mickoski, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, extends warm wishes for a joyful Easter celebration.

“This sacred occasion symbolizes not only hope but also a fresh start—a moment when we rejoice in the triumph of life over death and the victory of righteousness over adversity. Easter embodies faith in the divine and the magnificence of God’s glory. Just as our Savior exemplified how peace and illumination can prevail over anguish and obscurity, so too are we called to champion justice, compassion, and affection. These timeless principles serve as the compass guiding each individual towards a better world, nation, and existence,” Mickoski conveyed in his Easter greeting.

He further emphasized the pivotal role of willpower and faith, highlighting that when harnessed collectively, they become formidable tools for benevolent action.