My message to both the mayor and Kovacevski is that when they meet at those secret meetings in the Government, they should agree on essential things that will help the bus transporters, because that’s how they help the people of Skopje. The chaos that is happening frustrates all those people, makes them nervous and that is not good, and that is why they should at least when they meet in those secret meetings, which Kovacevski confirmed, come out of those meetings with some kind of solution, says the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski, answering a journalist’s question in relation to the protest of private bus transporters and the refusal of the mayor of the City of Skopje, Danela Arsovska, to sit at the table and talk with them about finding a solution and stopping the chaos in the city with public transportation.

Mickoski emphasized that the tender for the purchase of oil in JSP Skopje does not contain an article for a rebate, i.e. a discount, as all previous contracts contained, indicating that if the discount is 6 denars for one liter of oil and if JSP consumes 25 thousand liters per day, then it will save 2,500 euros per day, on a monthly level, we would save 75,000 euros, while on an annual level, we would save 900,000 euros, that is, as he said, enough to settle the private bus transporters and stop the traffic chaos.

In the past few days, some of Kovacevski’s party associates came out publicly with the contract that JSP has signed for the purchase of oil. They came out against their party friend, who is the director of JSP because he is a member of the central leadership of SDSM. And there they misquote Article 3 and say that there is a fixed price, which is not true. If you read it below, because they don’t read it to the end or they are lazy or they want to spin, you will see in the contract that the price that JSP pays is based on the determined retail price of the Regulatory Commission and it is leveled day by day. But it is true that there is a fixed price, but what does this contract not contain? This contract does not contain a rebate or discount, which was contained in all contracts of all past managements, even in the time of Petre Silegov, and in the time of Koce Trajanovski. And that rate is 6 denars for one liter. If JSP consumes 25 tons of oil per day, that’s 25,000 liters, with these 6 denars, it’s 150,000 denars, or 2,500 euros per day, i.e. discount. Multiplied by 30 days it is 75,000 euros per month, multiplied by 12 months it is about 900,000 euros. Here is the money for the private bus transporters that JSP owes them, Mickoski said and added that instead of the money ending up with the private bus transporters, it ends up with people close to the Kovacevski and Arsovska duo.

Now this money ends up with people close to the Kovacevski and Arsovska duo, relatives, associates in the accounting department who are in JSP every day and tell them which invoices should be paid and which should not be paid. If these 6 denars were part of this contract, here is the money and all of us in Skopje would be protected from what is happening to us today.