The criminals from Aracinovo are sheriffs in Skopje because they have protection from the Ministry of Interior under Oliver Spasovski. Instead of the police prosecuting the criminals, they expelled the policemen from the police station, and Oliver Spasovski blamed the policemen, VMRO-DPMNE accuses.

Instead of the drug gang, Spasovski blamed the police officers who could have easily been victims of this criminal group. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the honest policemen are powerless to deal with this sheriff’s gang, which is known to all of Skopje, just because the top of the ministry is a collaborator of this gang.

Officials from the Ministry of the Interior, instead of prosecuting crime, are in line with this group. Since Spasovski has been at the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the police have been rocked by scandals every day, and the policemen are increasingly humiliated and put in a threatening position. Macedonia is recognized as a country of corruption and crime, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs as incompetent and without a single closed case.

Instead of fighting crime, the Ministry of Interior with Spasovski became known as a collaborator for granting passports and foreign identities of international mobsters, known for involvement in drug trafficking that the American DEA also takes actions on Macedonian territory, political officials from the Ministry of Interior defend criminals from uniformed policemen, attempts are being made to cover up brutal murders, like the one that has now been brought to justice.

Oliver Spasovski has been in power in the Ministry of Internal Affairs for seven years, seven years in which crime and corruption flourished, and Macedonia became a stronghold of sheriffs of drug gangs. Elections are needed to clean up crime, corruption and the sheriffing of drug cartels, VMRO-DPMNE reacts.