VMRO-DPMNE persisted on its position that it won’t support constitutional amendments under Bulgarian diktat and in these circumstances, daily  Republika writes.

Mickoski, Republika continues, came with specific proposals: participation in a broad government, but without the DUI ministers, the constitutional amendments, while adopted, should come into force when the EU member countries’ parliaments start to ratify the accession decree. The Government should also organize early elections. He insists that such a government will have to be established prior to all parliamentary procedures regarding the amendments to the Constitution.

DUI accepted not to patriciate in the future government, but insists for the amendments to be adopted first, and only after that form a broad government. VMRO-DPMNE adamantly refused this.

Mickoski also proposed a way to  protect Macedonia’s interests and start the negotiations with the EU. He offers to commence a European tour and talk to several influential EU PMs, who would propose a Declaration by the European Council which would confirm and guarantee the Macedonian language and identity, also preventing further Bulgarian demands.

“With that document we may stand in front of the Macedonian citizens and say that Europe this time stands for the perennial Macedonian identity, culture, tradition, customs, a separate Macedonian language and that this time Europe finally has a clear goal to make Macedonia part of the European family”, Republika quotes the opposition leader.