At today’s hearing in the TNT case, prosecutor Burim Rustemi, to everyone’s surprise, demanded that the trial against former Mayor Toni Trajkovski be separated from the rest of the defendants. Rustemi justified this by saying that Trajkovski was in poor health.

I consider that due to the economics of the procedure there are conditions for the separation of the proceedings for the defendant Toni Trajkovski, said Rustemi.

Defendant Mile Janakieski, however, emphasized that there is no logic in rushing to reach a verdict in the case because the case reaches the statute of limitations in 11 years.

It is a little strange that at the beginning of the main hearing when the defendant is here, the prosecution seeks to separate the proceedings. To me, this makes no sense, especially as the case reaches the statute of limitations in 2031. I do not know why the prosecution is in a hurry on this case, said Janakieski.