VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Vlado Misajlovski pointed out on the “Morning briefing” show that the current SDSM government cannot change the Macedonian nation. The Bulgarian document, which was made public, has come under fire.

Misajlovski added that the the Macedonian language should be contained in the agreement, and several other things that were not agreed at that time. Misajlovski emphasizes that he is a witness of how they fought hard to keep all that in those meetings, but unfortunately the haste of the current government showed how they accepted that agreement.

And that’s why these things are happening now. Because Bulgaria is protecting its interests, but on the other hand, Macedonia should not be silent on some humiliations or just pass like that. We must not allow that. For such issues, we must all have a strong position as political parties that the Macedonian language and the Macedonian nation cannot be changed by anyone. And no one can interfere in our country’s internal affairs, concluded Misajlovski.

Misajlovski said that the first question is why the Government is hiding this document, and what this document means.

In addition to the health crisis, we must recognize that the state is mired in a major economic crisis. Money is missing from the budget, we have a big hole, difficulties to provide funds. We, as a party, have called many times to provide loans and to take them as soon as possible. But unfortunately, the government did not accept our proposal, Misajlovski explained.

Misajlovski also referred to the millions spent by the government on hiring party staff in local self-government in the midst of a state of emergency.

The government needs to put things much better and not just make political points. The government comes out every day with 2-3 press conferences where it says what measures are being taken, what should be cut from all institutions, and on the other hand we have temporary employment of half a million euros in Butel, in Gazi Baba etc, Misajlovski said.