VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Vladimir Misajlovski called on the DUI – SDS Government accept the push for early general elections – after their attempt to pass the so-called Bulgarian amendments through Parliament failed on Friday. DUI and SDSM had only 70 votes, of the 80 they needed.

Now DUI and SDS will implement their strategy of delays, delaying the vote on the amendments to the last day of their Government. They know that once the amendments are put to a vote they will lose and will be left with no other option than to call for early elections, so this strategy will buy them a few months more in power, Misajlovski said.

He warned that this approach is bad for the interests of the people, who will suffer from mismanagement. “The school year will again begin without books. Patients will pleadfor medicine and children will be treated with text message donations. Unresolved murders will continue. Retirees will continue to struggle to make ends meet. Young people will continue to move out”, Misajlovski added.