VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Vladimir Misajlovski said that the party has blocked bad legislation in the past, but that now, with the current blockade of Parliament, it wants to raise greater awareness of the disaster Macedonia is in. VMRO-DPMNE started filibustering the work of the Parliament yesterday, and will block most legislation, unless it is necessary for maintaining living standards.

We have a devastated healthcare, a very bad economy with no capital investments, no foreign investments, strike in the education, strikes in other branches, inadequate salaries and spiking prices. Not to mention the energy crisis, the pandemic and everything else that is happening, Misajlovski said.

He added that the opposition party will support the Government in talks about overcoming the major crises and the dispute with Bulgaria. “We offered to sit with them, and help them, but the Government is not considering our offer. I hoped that after Kovacevski became Prime Minister reason will prevail, but they continue to push processes under the table, like the one with Bulgaria”.