Here are the current road conditions and construction updates in Macedonia:

Nationwide, the road conditions are mostly dry, and there is moderate traffic outside urban areas. There are no reported delays at border crossings.

The R1102 Veles and Gradsko regional road section between Dadi Kompani gas station and Hiv gas station will be closed for asphalt work until November 1, from 8 am to 6 pm.

Construction work is taking place on the R1301 between Ohrid and Sv. Naum, with appropriate signage in place.

On the A2 between Skopje and Tetovo, there are lane closures near the Zhelino toll plaza for reconstruction, and signs are posted.

Skopje’s Belasica Bridge, located on Belasica Street, is partially open to light traffic as of September 2.

Traffic is diverted from the A3 highway section between Bukovo and Ohrid for the installation of traffic signal equipment, with works expected to conclude on February 29, 2024.

Construction work is ongoing on the R1303 between Makedonski Brod and Prilep, near the Barbaros pass, with a 30 km/hour work zone speed limit.

Construction work is taking place on the A3 between Podmolje and Ohrid. A detour is available via the R1208 regional road.

Traffic is diverted from part of the A4 between Strumica and Dabilje for construction work, with signs indicating the detour route.

The northbound off-ramp at the A1 highway section between Demir Kapija and Negotino is closed for construction work. A detour is available via the R1102 regional road.

Construction work is ongoing on the A1 between Petrovec and Katlanovo, with signs in place.

Construction work is taking place on the A2 between Miladinovci and Hipodrom, with appropriate signage.

On the A1 between Veles and Negotino, traffic is diverted onto E-75 until construction work is completed at the Gradsko junction. A work zone speed limit of 80 km/hour is in effect.

Traffic is diverted from the A1 highway section between Gradsko and Prilep near the Raec River bridge for repairs. Works are expected to end on March 2, 2024.

Traffic is diverted from several parts of the A2 between Kichevo and Ohrid due to construction work, with signs posted to guide drivers.

Landslides are possible along the routes of Katlanovo – Veles, Mavrovo – Debar – Struga, Vinica – Berovo, and Kochani – Delchevo.

Motorists are advised to drive carefully, adjust their speed to weather conditions, and adhere to traffic rules, signs, and signals.

Please stay updated on road conditions and any detours when planning your travel.