During Sunday’s visit to the municipality of Gjorce Petrov, the MP and Secretary for International Cooperation of VMRO-DPMNE, Timco Mucunski, regarding the new educational reforms pointed out that Minister Carovska is pushing for anti-national and radical educational reforms, and the best thing for Macedonian education is her resignation.

Regarding the new educational reforms, a policy of radicalism, radical changes and reforms in education are being pursued, which were conceived by a minister who neither by her professional nor by her educational experience knows what education needs, says Mucunski.

He pointed out that if we look at what is happening in recent weeks, parents are protesting, teachers and university professors are worried, students are worried, MANU and the university community are coming out with statements that these are catastrophic reforms in education.

Minister Carovska should not look further but only at what even her predecessors from her political party in the Ministry of Education say, the best thing that can happen to Macedonian education at this moment is the resignation of Minister Carovska and the team around her who wants to redefine our attitude towards our children, towards our nation, towards what we are as Macedonians, so this is a policy that is radical, national that will lead to additional chaos, said MP Mucunski.

He reminded that Carovska first created chaos in the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, as one of the Deputy Prime Ministers for Economic Affairs is one of the culprits for this economic situation, and now continues to sow chaos in the Ministry of Education.