A few official reactions and many speculations emerged after Tuesday’s release of the list of institutions which will be renamed according to the obligations arising from the Prespa Agreement. Information “circulates” on social media that the names of the cities Makedonska Kamenica and Makedonski Brod will be renamed into National Kamenica and National Brod respectively.

This will definitely not happen because no one is demanding that and is not in line with the agreement with Greece.

Namely, the agreement, or more precisely Section 1, Article 1, Paragraph 3F reads that under the name change, the existing complex names of the cities that they have on the date of signing the agreement are not subject to change, government spokesman Mile Bosnjakovski said on Wednesday.

There are also dilemmas whether the change of the name of the Macedonian Radio Television, which in the future will be called National Radio Television, is the most appropriate. There are cases in Europe where public broadcasters do not contain the name of the state. Such is the case with Malta, an EU member state where the national broadcaster is named “Public Broadcasting Service” or PBS.