Naser Ziberi, who was the candidate for the first Albanian Prime Minister of DUI, and was elected Ombudsman, says that the political ambitions of the Albanians do not end with the opening of a University in Albanian language, with the election of a Parliament Speaker or a Minister of Foreign Affairs.

We should also have an Albanian prime minister. That is not impossible. It does not matter if it will be me or someone else, but a good message for coexistence is to have an Albanian prime minister in the future, and so it will be, Ziberi said on the “Click Plus” show on TV21.

According to him, the matter of an Albanian prime minister is still not closed.

„Јас бев кандидат, утре може да биде некој друг“, рече Зибери. I was a candidate, tomorrow might be someone else, Ziberi said.

He says that DUI will decide who to nominate for Albanian Prime Minister in the last 100 days of this Government.