Other data from the investigation into the “Racket” case also reveal that Boki 13 had another NGO, the International Association for the Protection of Human Rights, through which he planned to build housing for poor young people.

A Skopje-based construction firm has filed criminal charges against Bojan Jovanovski’s business partner for fraud, TV Telma’s “Kod” show informed on Sunday. This firm was also deceived according to the same scheme already known by the contracts with Bitola-based GP “Pelister” and Struga-based “Drim Building”.

The agreement obliged the co-author to carry out the construction work, but only after the International Association for the Protection of Human Rights received the money from the European Union.

Victims of this scheme were also the managers of a Skopje-based construction firm who paid almost 260,000 euros to the personal account of Boki 13’s partner from June to December 2017. On January 10, 2018, they managed to return the money due to failure to meet contractual obligations. And such large payments to a private person have attracted the attention of the investigating authorities.

In other words, the money was not received, work for the construction workers was allegedly provided, and in return, they had to pay for the idea.