The renaming of the institutions is complete deprivation of identity and national removal of everything that is Macedonian, VMRO-DPMNE vice-president, Aleksandar Nikoloski, said Wednesday on TV 24 show.

Nikoloski pointed out to several examples that are nebulous, including the renaming of Macedonian forests in National Forests, etc., and as the most problematic, he said it was the renaming of the Migration Agency to the Migration Agency of North Macedonia. According to him, there are migrants in Canada and Australia, both from the Aegean part and the Pirin part, and they remain without protection.

The removal of some parts of the national identity is not by accident, nowhere in the agreement states that any institution should be called national. Or now, they are going a step further from what is written in the Prespa Agreement. Zaev and Dimitrov spoke everywhere about the protection of identity, but I do not see how this protects the identity if the Macedonian becomes national. According to the agreement, there is a transitional period, both technical and political, of five years, or from the opening of a chapter or five years after that in relation to valid materials, pointed out Nikoloski.

According to him, it stays as he says “we will say that we are Macedonians at home, and I do not know if this has happened to any nation”.

The government’s explanations are ridiculous. The question arises what is national, to which nation it refers to, or with this, the government enters from one problem into another, said Nikoloski.

He pointed out that the only institution that hadn’t changed the name is the President. “I hope Siljanovska will win and this will not change,” Nikoloski said.