Aleksandar Nikoloski addressed Sunday the members of VMRO-DPMNE’s Youth Forces Union (UMS) on his Facebook account.


On this day, 15 years ago, I was elected President of VMRO-DPMNE’s Youth Forces Union. A decade and a half is more than enough time to evaluate my work and my team’s work. Time gave its answer. For many, it is the golden generation of the UMS. A generation that gave a number of top politicians, excellent university professors, managers of major and successful firms, doctors, lawyers … Honest and successful people who are guided primarily by the fight for Macedonia. With this writing, I want to thank this generation for investing its best years in order to reform VMRO-DPMNE, and Macedonia, and today it is fighting to prevent the national and economic disintegration of Macedonia. The main reason that I am writing this is to address the new, current generation of the UMS. To all of you who are in the UMS today and to whom the situation in Macedonia seems difficult. You are disappointed with the change of the name, the economic devastation, you are disappointed because your peers massively leave the country and because losers and criminals like Zaev, Pendarovski, Dimitrov, Shekerinska and the like lead the country. You are also disappointed because Zaev kneels before Ahmeti, and Macedonians become second-class citizens in their country. You are disappointed with crime and corruption … You are rightly disappointed, you should be and you are surely angry! It was similar with us, with my generation. Then we were very disappointed with similar occurrences as today. Although it was 15 years ago, believe me, SDSM was the same! Nothing changes there. But that’s why you, this generation should make the changes! Be loud! Against injustice, against national and economic disintegration, against migration! Be loud against the corrupt and incompetent government! Show your anger on the streets, at school, at college, at the disco, at a coffee bar, on the beach and on the mountain, on Facebook, on Instagram, on Twitter … Be loud! Only loud, strong will you win. We will win! We will win together, many united generations. Macedonian people united around VMRO-DPMNE will beat the menace and restore dignity in Macedonia. Change something for yourself and the generations that come after you. Change something so the next generations do not suffer too. You are our strength! Long live VMRO-DPMNE’s UMS! Long live Macedonia!