The section regarding ethnic affiliation in all types of certificates will read “Macedonian”, Älbanian” and so on, in accordance with the Law on Basic Records, the Minister of Justice Krenar Lloga told Pressing TV.

The dilemma surfaced when the Minister signed on Sunday the Guidance for Altering and Supplementing the Guidance for Filing, Protection, and Preservation of the Basic Records and Text, which will now include a section on a person’s ethnic affiliation.

“The Law on Basic Records has not been amended, and I really don’t know why the noun “Macedonian” wasn’t used in the past few years”, Minister Lloga said.

Since 2019, when the so-called Prespa Agreement was adopted by the Parliament, the authorities banned the use of any description regarding the Macedonian identity in official documents of any type, with authorities justifying it with the obligations from the Prespa Agreement, which is apparently false.