VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski opened the topic of Vanco Mihajlov and Bulgaria before the youth forces of VMRO-DPMNE.

They are guilty of the betrayals and humiliating decisions they made, so they have to use lies, insinuations, and adding things I didn’t say on this topic in order to falsely show that VMRO-DPMNE has some kind of relationship with the character whose name also brings the association that they allowed to open in Bitola. It is an indisputable historical fact that Vanco Mihajlov was in a certain historical context the first person of the Organization, just as it is true that I have never agreed with or justified his views, his method of work and his positions regarding many essential topics. And history is not a platter where you can treat yourself to the things you like and deny the things you don’t. After all, the same thing, the same kind of forgery of selection is also done by current Bulgaria. The VMRO organization is a continuation of the brightest historical sons and daughters before whose names we bow and whose deeds we celebrate. VMRO is a continuation of Gruev, Delcev, Tatarcev, Petar Pop Arsov, Sandanski, Karev, Uzunov, Patcev, Sugarev and many other heroes. And I, unlike the government, have clear views regarding historical issues and who we are and what we are. Such a false campaign against me should hide the chaos they made in the country because of the problem with Bulgaria, Mickoski said.

He added that Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski’s statements that VMRO was close to Bulgarian politics are incorrect.

If that were the case, we would have reached an agreement with Bulgaria very quickly and very easily, but on the other hand, VMRO and I as its leader are the most criticized in Bulgaria, and the Government of SDSM, Zaev and Kovacevski are the first to reach an agreement, accepting everything Sofia requested. Even from there, sources say that Kovacevski is a better Bulgarian than Zaev. At least this predecessor feigned unyieldingness and bought a few weeks before signing the Bulgarian agreement, and Kovacevski expressly signed everything that Bulgaria would give him on the table without any comments.  Bulgarians have an ace in our politics, it’s Kovacevski, who falsely accuses me of being behind the clubs that were opened and allowed under his authority and in his time, Mickoski said and reminded that VMRO-DPMNE also submitted a law on organizations and associations to ban precisely these associations and the propagation of fascism, which the government, having supported, is looking for a way to renounce it.

These associations should also be closed due to the issue of reciprocity because Sofia closed the Macedonian cultural club. And when Bulgarian ace Kovacevski speaks about historical issues, injustices and crimes, I want him to listen carefully to this call to him. History has ups and downs, shameful and brave sides. His party is behind such a shameful stain, which presented itself as the successor of the communist regime. That same regime, and a part of that political establishment, made unprecedented persecution against many Macedonian intellectuals who were liquidated. To hear personally about the fate of Kostadin Dinkata from Strumica region and his brother Mite, one persecuted and killed by the Bulgarian occupiers, the other by the communist regime. About the liquidation and hardships of Cento, Petre Piruze, Panko Brasnarov, Mihajlo Apostolski, Metodija Satorov Sarlo, Blagoj Sambevski, Risto Siskov, Dragan Bogdanovski and a number of other Macedonian sons. All these were persecuted only because they loved their people, and they wanted an independent Macedonia.

He added that there will be no reconciliation until there is a correction of the injustice and an apology, and he called on Kovacevski and SDSM to condemn such persecution and to apologize for the thousands persecuted by the regime that crushed and killed the aspiration for a free and independent Macedonia.