Ahead of the elections, Caretaker Interior Minister Panche Toshkovski met on Tuesday with additional Deputy Minister Mitko Bojmacaliev, Director of the Public Security Bureau Sasho Tasevski, Head of the National Security Agency Zarko Miloshevski, Chief Public Prosecutor Ljupcho Kocevski, and representatives of the public prosecutor’s offices.

Toshkovski thanked everyone in the meeting for their successful cooperation in overseeing the safe administration of the election process in a Facebook post. He also mentioned that attempts to tamper with the process were not reported.

In the post, the director of the Public Security Bureau also provided information about the operation Presidential and Parliamentary Elections 2024, stating that all necessary steps had been taken by the operations headquarters and organizational units in accordance with a pre-planned plan, and no issues had been detected. In order to conduct safe elections, the National Security Agency has also been putting coordinated efforts into place to gather data on potential irregularities related to the elections.

According to Toshkovski’s Facebook post, the Chief Public Prosecutor and representatives from the public prosecutor’s offices announced that a commission on election irregularities has been established within the Public Prosecutor’s Office. Prosecutors who are on duty on election day will also closely monitor the proceedings and report on events and activities in the public interest.