Minister of Interior Panche Toshkovski announced on Monday that the police’s internal control department would scrutinize the actions of police officers involved in the detention of journalist Furkan Saliu.

Toshkovski assured reporters that the internal control department would thoroughly investigate every aspect of the case within the scope of its authority.

Regarding the incident, Toshkovski emphasized that it stemmed from a confrontation between two rival fan groups, which could have escalated further if not for police intervention.

He explained that the police intervened to quell the altercation and detain individuals involved. During the chaos, one person was apprehended for assaulting both fellow fans and a police officer, leading to a physical altercation resulting in the detainee being pushed to the ground. Toshkovski clarified that multiple police officers and specialized units were present during the arrest.

Furthermore, Toshkovski disclosed that a firearm was discovered in the vehicle belonging to one of the detainees. Although the firearm’s owner possessed a valid license, Toshkovski emphasized that this did not exempt them from potential misdemeanor charges. He stressed the importance of adhering to proper firearm transport protocols, regardless of license status, including considerations such as whether the firearm’s magazine was loaded or empty.