According to the Ministry of Interior, Panche Toshkovski, the minister of interior, met on Tuesday with the head of the eight subsidiary headquarters established to oversee the conduct of the 2024 presidential and parliamentary elections, as well as the head of the operational headquarters and its members.

Director of the Public Security Bureau (PSB), Sasho Tasevski, and head of the Bureau’s Department for Uniform Police, Dushko Lazarov, briefed Toshkovski on the actions taken by the operational headquarters thus far. They also discussed upcoming plans and initiatives for the police’s organized, synchronized, and coordinated action to ensure peaceful and democratic elections and thwart any attempts to sabotage the electoral process.The State Election Commission and I have met five times so far, and we are currently conducting trainings on the role of the police during the ongoing election period.

In this regard, Minister Toshkovski issued directives for upholding a high standard of police readiness and alertness, with a focus on gathering operational data to avert potential risks to the security environment prior to the election. The press release also states that the PSB director and members of the operational headquarters observed that the security situation is stable and that the police are ready to handle any impending security challenges relating to the planning of the elections.