A woman from Skopje reported that the metal construction holding a large screen for a summer festival fell on her and her child as she was walking through the main city park. Natalija Pesic Akata said that she has bruises on her arm and leg, while her son’s stroller overturned and he narrowly avoided hitting his head on the concrete.

The construction was three meters high and was placed on an uneven terrain, with nothing holding it upright. A gust of wind flipped it right on the lane where we were walking. I have a huge bruise on my right leg, my arm is bruised, but what I feared most was my son. If we were five centimeters back, it would’ve fallen directly on him, Pesic said in a Facebook comment.

Other social media users wrote to her to say that the screen overturned several times before. It was put in place for the Summerland festival, which features an open air cinema.