It is important that we have professional media, and that the politicians don’t meddle or comment publicly on their work, but of course they have a right to defend their positions, said Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani when asked to comment on the statements of DUI Leader Ali Ahmeti and Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski at a press conference Friday.

Regarding the specific statements, I think they have cleared up. First, Ahmeti’s statement was taken out of context, because the media was only mentioned as a medium where such a tendency was observed in contact broadcasts, accusing the policy of somehow polarizing citizens in those contact broadcasts to express such qualifications in relation to fellow citizens from other ethnic communities. It was the conclusion of Mr. Ahmeti that he saw shows on two televisions in which citizens, under the influence of the polarization caused by politics, say qualifications to fellow citizens who may have negative tendencies, Osmani said, adding that Kovacevski also expressed a personal attitude regarding this issue.

According to Osmani, politicians still have to tell their truth at some point and if they are unfoundedly attacked, they will have to state their position.

You should also understand us when we want to explain what we are doing because the attitude of the citizens is important to us. We exist for them; we work for them, and it is important to us if it is really conveyed correctly. Even the smallest mistake should be put under a microscope, but I ask that there be correct information about what I do, said Osmani.