Twenty days after he visually explained the “essence” of the EU negotiating framework in a video message and stressed that the agreements with the neighbors aren’t a part of the negotiating framework, Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani addressed the citizens in another video message Thursday, saying that 20 days after the first video there are still no arguments against his claim. He reiterated that the specific segments are not a part of the negotiating framework and that the EU member states won’t vote on them.

According to Osmani, his attempt to visually present the negotiating framework was in order to encourage a debate focused on the truth and a debate through which the facts would be presented objectively.

“However, it is evident that despite the numerous comments, no one was able to provide a tangible argument to counter the facts I presented. The basic message remains unchanged: the agreements with the neighbors and reviews are not a part of the special segments of the negotiating framework, which require a written report and a vote by the member states,” said Osmani in the video.

The Foreign Minister once again called for any opposing positions to be presented through arguments and “through a sincere approach that would demonstrate that we really care for the future of the country.“

“Honest discourse strengthens our democracy. I respect all of you, regardless of whether you agree with the method or not. Our end goal is a brighter European future for Macedonia, and I believe that we can achieve this together, with open dialogue and with facts,” stressed Osmani.