Doctor Kiril Pecakov, who is the VMRO-DPMNE candidate for Mayor of Ohrid, pledged to put an end to the illegal overdevelopment of the region, which has threatened the coveted ranking of Ohrid as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The ranking was narrowly preserved this week, on the condition tha Macedonia turns the situation around in the next two years,.

I will do all to prevent new illegal construction and to end the overdevelopment which is running wild. I will follow UNESCO recommendations and protect the unique natural sites like the Studenciste wetlands. And I will help the tourism sector and all who live from this industry, Pecakov said.

In his comments, during the presentation of the party program in Ohrid, Pecakov condemned the Zaev regime for the “national embarrassment and humiliation” it inflicted on the country. “We saw that they have no limits, and even less national feeling in them. That is why I sincerely hope that a victory in the local elections in Ohrid will stir up political processes that will lead to change on the political scene in Macedonia”, Pecakov said.