President Stevo Pendarovski, who will leave for Rome on the same plane with the Bulgarian President Rumen Radev, where together they will pay tribute to St. Cyril and Methodius, considers that this act is a good symbolic gesture from both sides that can relax the atmosphere ahead of the negotiations between the two countries regarding the blockade on EU membership.

The goal is not to negotiate, said the president, but the goal is to honor some of the people who were not disputed even in the history commission.

He says that since they will spend a lot of time together with President Radev, it is inevitable that the issue will be discussed, but, as he stressed, it will be an informal conversation.

It is not planned to have any formal talks, not because the government situation in Sofia, but because the president does not conduct those things operationally there, as well as here. They were conducted and will continue to be conducted in the future by the governments of the two countries. We will go together, we will celebrate together in two or three locations, we will return together. We will talk. But there will be no negotiations, said President Pendarovski.