President Stevo Pendarovski received Tuesday the Covid-19 vaccine at the Kumanovo vaccination site. In accordance with the national vaccination campaign, President Pendarovski decided together with members of his Office to get vaccinated in this municipality in order to raise public awareness of the need for mass vaccination.

I got an appointment for vaccination yesterday, but we were on a business trip that was scheduled a long time ago, we were also at a regional meeting. I decided to get vaccinated in another city because there is speculation, misinformation allegedly that vaccines given in Skopje are different than the vaccines given in other cities. That’s why it’s good to break that speculation, I think it’s good for for other officials to do the same. I want, on June 8, when I am getting the second dose, to receive it in a third municipality, I think it is good to show people that all the vaccines that come to the country have been checked, they are all effective and there should be no doubt. People should do that act as soon as possible because it is good to return to normal as soon as possible in both private and professional lives, said President Pendarovski after the vaccination.