During campaign activities in the Municipality of Centar, SDSM leader Dimitar Kovachevski emphasized Macedonia’s irreplaceable path towards the European Union. He reiterated their commitment to elevating the country’s standards of living, strengthening the rule of law, and combating corruption.

Kovachevski highlighted the ‘Coalition for a European Future’s’ alignment with these goals, emphasizing President Stevo Pendarovski’s determination for Macedonia to join the EU. Responding to queries about his absence from rallies supporting Pendarovski’s presidential candidacy, Kovachevski cited the overwhelming citizen support shown through 22,000 signatures submitted to the State Election Commission, contrasting it with VMRO-DPMNE’s candidate who had fewer signatures.

Emphasizing Pendarovski’s candidacy as a representation of citizen endorsement and a broader political coalition, Kovachevski stressed the importance of presenting his program directly to the public. Regarding the alleged “non-paper” concerning constitutional amendments by Albanian parties, Kovachevski acknowledged discussions but claimed no involvement.

On the topic of constitutional amendments and judiciary reforms, Kovachevski expressed his readiness to take responsibility, contrasting it with the opposition’s purported lack of action. He pledged to initiate judiciary reforms, including constitutional amendments, immediately after potentially winning the parliamentary elections on May 8.