On Tuesday, President Stevo Pendarovski officially accepted the credentials of Eduardas Borisovas, the newly appointed Lithuanian Ambassador to Macedonia, who is based in Zagreb.

During the ceremony marking the handover of credentials, President Pendarovski expressed his satisfaction with the well-established bilateral relations between the two nations, characterized by robust political dialogue and partnership. He also conveyed his optimism for fostering increased trade and economic cooperation, as highlighted in a press release from the President’s Office.

The President emphasized the significance of the recently inaugurated Embassy office in Skopje, established in November 2023. This diplomatic presence aims to further enhance collaboration and amplify exchanges in the realms of politics, economics, security, culture, and social interactions. President Pendarovski expressed the hope that the newly opened office would eventually evolve into a fully-fledged embassy, marking a milestone as the first Baltic country to establish an embassy in Skopje.The President underscored Lithuania’s pivotal role as a significant partner and NATO ally of Macedonia, expressing gratitude for Lithuania’s consistent and unwavering support throughout the European integration process.

Ambassador Borisovas, in turn, emphasized the crucial importance of a secure Europe and the need for a robust and secure architecture. He articulated the belief that a safe Europe necessitates a framework where both large and small nations feel safeguarded by international law, operating within the security umbrella of NATO.

Highlighting Lithuania’s steadfast commitment to a safe, united, and prosperous Europe, Ambassador Borisovas reiterated a clear stance: Macedonia should expeditiously attain EU membership. He assured ongoing support forMacedonia’s endeavors and pledged to continue sharing Lithuania’s expertise on EU integrations in this collective pursuit of a common goal.