President Stevo Pendarovski is scheduled to host a press conference at noon in the Double Tree Hilton.

Earlier this week, the leadership of the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia (SDSM) publicly expressed their endorsement of Pendarovski in the upcoming presidential election.

According to SDSM, “Pendarovski is the selected candidate, deeply connected to the people. He advocates for progressive values and presents a clear vision for the country’s European future.”

SDSM further asserted, “In his current term, President Pendarovski has restored the reputation, integrity, and credibility of the presidential institution, demonstrating the essence of being a unifying leader for all citizens.”

The party emphasized that Pendarovski represents the interests of all citizens, regardless of their ethnic, political, religious, or any other affiliations.

The formal confirmation of Pendarovski as the SDSM’s presidential candidate is expected to occur at the party’s Congress scheduled for Sunday.