Presient Gordana Siljanovska – Davkova spoke to the press about the dispute with Greece, which reacted angrily when Siljanovska used the term “President of Macedonia” during her inauguration. Speaking to the press during an event in Skopje, President Siljanovska said that she did not violate the Prespa Treaty, that she will respect it in the future as well, but that she refrains the right to use Macedonia in her public events.

I ask that the treaty is re-read, especially in the segment where it covers use of documents in domestic use, which is a situation unknown before in the history of humanity. The use of documents is tied to either the opening of EU accession talks or with the expiration of five years after the signing of the treaty. And the European Union is the one who decides on opening accession chapters – meaning that they should have done something to implement the Prespa Treaty as well, said President Siljanovska. She added that Macedonia’s relations with its neighbors will truly be good when the country makes steps forward in its European integration.

President Siljanovska reiterated that she is not initiating the rescinding of the Prespa Treaty and that other leaders of countries also have the right to use shorter forms of the names of their countries, such as President of America instead of the full President of the United States of America. Asked whether it’s true that a message of congratulations to her from the State Department has been held back because of the Greek protests at her inauguration, President Siljanovska said that she spent the day before the inauguration with US Ambassador Aggeler, but that she can’t interfere in the decisions of the State Department.
She added that during her recent visit to Rome, where she laid a wreath on the grave of St. Cyril, she was considering doing so as “President of RS Macedonia” – using an abbreviation for the imposed adjective “north”, but because there was little room on the wreath she decided to only have her name on it.

I understand the objections, many of them are logical because we were there to represent Macedonia. After my avoiding of the use of the official name of the state in the Parliament, and using simply Macedonia, on the basis of the right of self-determination and self-identification, and the freedom of expression, we decided for this option in the end. President Siljanovska added about the ceremony in Rome, as all her public steps continue to be closely watched by the Greek authorities and the domestic public.

In the end, President Siljanovska reminded the opposition SDSM party, whose officials were was very loud in criticising her moves, that the party is funded by the state, but has the word “Macedonia” in its name, without the adjective “North”, and that this could be interpreted by Greece that they are also in violation of the Prespa Treaty.