VMRO-DPMNE presidential nominee Gordana Siljanovska revealed details from her personal life, and discussed social issues, in an interview with Fokus magazine. In it, she speaks about her lifelong relationship with Blagoja Davkov, and how she refused a chance at post-doctoral studies in the US at the Northwestern University, so as not to uproot her two small children.

The professor was surprised by my Balkan mentality, but I told him I just can’t work in peace there thinking all the while about my then 6 and 11 year old children. I’ve been with my husband since high school and I tell my students that, if politics is the art of the possibly, marriage is the art of the impossible, Siljanovska tells Fokus.

She shares pictures from her private life and talks about her children, Marija who works as a jeweler and Pavle – a ski instructor. The distinguished law professor reveals she is a “night owl” who often works late at night, while her routine involves constantly redecorating the house, practicing yoga and avoiding crowds.

I don’t drive, I’m a natural born walker and love wondering around the city. But the deathly air pollution is restricting my movements, Siljanovska says.

Asked how her family values will reflect her policies, especially in the area of LGBT rights, Siljanovska says she will fully respect the right to personal life and reminds Fokus that she made this position clear before the Venice Commission, where she was a representative.