Skopje prosecutors announced they are going ahead with their charges against VMRO-DPMNE official Antonio Milososki. The case stems from the now discredited Special Prosecutor’s Office, and is the latest judicial assault against an outspoken critic of the Zaev regime.

Milososki is charged with asking the head of the Lustration Commission to look into the police file of a judge from the city of Kicevo. The judge had collaborated with the Communist era secret police and was named as a collaborator by the Commission.

He is also charged with allegedly facilitating the sale of a municipal building in the rural village of Izista to his father. The powerful Mayor of the municipality of Plasnica Ismail Jahoski, from the ruling DUI – SDSM coalition, was in a confrontation about the property.

These charges are brought on political orders from Zoran Zaev, with the prosecutors acting as his obedient enforcers. Whether it is journalists who reveal the crimes of the Government, businessmen who need to be shaken down or politicians who refused to vote for the name change, we all face politically driven charges. But all has its end, and so will this abuse of the judiciary by the Government for its political gains, Milososki said.