The organizers of the protests held in downtown Skopje today demanded the urgent release of all political prisoners and early general elections.

It is not acceptable that the protesters of the movement for United Macedonia are tried as terrorists, while the actual terrorists from the 2001 war hold the legislative, executive and judicial power. Our patriots are not terrorists. On the anniversary of April 27th 2017, Macedonians from home and the diaspora are united to demand their release, said actress Arna Sijak, who addressed the protest.

Sijak read out the names of the imprisoned protesters like Jane Cento, Igor Jug, Vilijam Mihajlovski, Vlatko Trajkovski, Oliver Popovski and many others. In the name of the protest organizers, she said that Macedonia badly needs early general elections, to dismantle the Zaev regime which imprisoned the protesters.

Because of the high treason of change of the name of Macedonia, because of the Zaev – Borisov treaty, the Dimitrov – Kotzias treaty, because of the abolition of the 1991 referendum and of the 2018 referendum, because of the crime and corruption, the poverty, the pervasive mafia, the emigration, the hostile transformation of a sovereign state into a criminal territory, because of all this, we need early general elections in October, along with the local elections, added Sijak.