They hide the protocol because it sells out Macedonia. The police file charges against citizens who block intersections. The government commits treason and diverts focus by inflaming ethnic tensions. Zoran Dabic, the president of the Macedonian diplomatic union, who addressed the Parliament and said that the proposal is a fiasco of Bujar Osmani’s diplomacy, was expressly suspended from work as in North Korea, said VMRO-DPMNE.

Therefore, they add, today we will also protest in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the meeting place is the government building at 19h, through Mavrovka to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, after which the protest will end in front of the Parliament building.

We call for a peaceful and dignified protest.We urge Oliver Spasovski and the Ministry of the Interior to refrain from creating tensions, and to provide protocols for a dignified and peaceful protest. Let’s show massively and in large numbers that the answer to the ultimatum will be NO thank you!, said the opposition party.