With VMRO-DPMNE candidates in the lead in the key mayoral races in the second round, including Skopje, Bitola and Ohrid, a number of smaller cities and rural municipalities are also turning to VMRO.

Projections from VMRO-DPMNE show that their candidates have come from behind to win in Resen, Pehcevo and Makedonska Kamenica, and nullified much of the SDSM advantage in Kocani, where the race is still uncertain. This could be attributed to the inertia caused by the major VMRO wins in the main urban centers in the first round of the elections. VMRO led in Radovis, and seems on course to win there as well, along with Gevgelija.

Rural municipalities like Lozovo, Brvenica, Zelenikovo, Vasilevo, Novo Selo and Cesinovo-Oblesevo are also trending toward VMRO.