The voter turnout is 5.19% until 9 am according to the processed data from 2,326 polling stations where 94,167 voters exercised their voting rights, the spokesperson of the State Election Commission (SEC) Admir Shabani said at today’s press conference.

Thus far, no voting irregularities have been reported in Wednesday’s early parliamentary elections, he said.

All polling stations are open at 7 am without any delay and voting process is ongoing. Elections are administered in 3,480 polling stations, he said.

Voter turnout in first electoral district is 6.58%, second – 4.58%, third – 6.1%, fifth – 5.22% and sixth – 2.59%. Shabani failed to report data of the voter turnout in the fourth electoral district.

1,814,613 voters are eligible to cast their ballot, whereas a total of 723 COVID-19 patients and people in self-isolation voted on Monday, he said.

Shabani said that on Tuesday out of 8,852 homebound and infirm persons who were registered to vote, 8,325 or 94.04% voted. 1,272 voters or 76.76% voted out of 1,657 registered voters in 13 penitentiaries. Out of 357 registered voters in 17 nursing homes, 234 voters or 80.62% voted. Six IDPs did not vote.

He also said that thus far, no complaints for violation of right to vote have been filed to the SEC.