Ziadin Sela, leader of the Alliance of Albanians, congratulated to his former coalition partner Afrim Gashi, on his re-election as leader of the Alternative party. Sela did remind Gashi, though, that he did not accomplish much of the promises he made when he left the opposition group and joined with the SDSM – DUI led ruling coalition.

Sela and Gashi have tried to maintain relatively good relations with the prospect that the Alternative may eventually return back to the opposition bloc.

I have nothing specific to tell my former coalition partner, now opponent. I congratulate him on his re-election as party leader. I wish him to keep the goals he set. Regarding their work in the Government, so far Alternative accomplished nothing, Sela said.

The party exacted a king’s ransom from SDSM and DUI in November, and in exchange for its four votes in Parliament, it got three seats in the Government, including the very high profile Healthcare Ministry.