Bulgarian nationalist activist Viktor Kanzurov threw away the wreath laid by Macedonian activists on the grave of Jane Sandansk in Melnik on the anniversary of the killing of the legendary VMRO commander.

The wreath from OMO Ilinden goes in the trash, Kanzurov wrote on his Facebook page as he and his wife took pictures while throwing away the flowers.

Kanzurov is Macedonian born self declared Bulgarian who has worked to promote the narrative that the Macedonians are actually Bulgarians. OMO Ilinden – Pirin is an organization that is being formally banned and intimidated in Bulgaria. It responded to Kanzurov’s hateful act with a statement saying that they support the right of ethnic Bulgarians in Macedonia to advance their culture, just as they want the same right given to Macedonians in Bulgaria. OMO Ilinden – Pirin denounced Kanzurov’s actions as harmful to the relationship between the two nations.