VMRO-DPMNE presidential nominee Gordana Siljanovska Davkova said that the imposed name of “North Macedonia” is “rootless and has no future”. She said that the only option is to reassert the name Republic of Macedonia.

Siljanovska is a strong critic of the Prespa treaty under which the Zoran Zaev regime forcibly renamed Macedonia and as a legal expert she led the expert criticism of the treaty and its numerous violations of international law, basic principles of human rights and parliamentary rules and procedures.

We need to win the elections and to open the way for early general elections. I’m not saying that if you elect me we can restore the name immediately. That is impossible. But, I’m certain that this rootless name can’t have a future. We will have a President close to the people, we will have responsible people in the Parliament, we will have new constitutional judges who will protect the Constitution. And then, one day, we will constitutionally protect the name with an entrenchment clause, Siljanovska said during the first major rally of her campaign held in Ohrid.