Prime Minister and head of the “We Can” coalition’s candidate list in the second electoral district, Oliver Spasovski, cast his vote in Kumanovo.

After the vote, he said the election day is of significant importance for the country, and that the government has managed to organize fair, democratic and free elections during a serious public health crisis.

Safe voting is ensured for the citizens. He said that the Commission for Infectious Diseases and the State Election Commission should be commended for establishing protocols that guarantee safe voting for voters, who can go out and freely express their choice, Spasovski said.

Spasovski said that this is a serious challenge, because these are challenging times and the responsibility of every citizen in Macedonia is huge aimed at establishing efficient and legitimate institutions that can to make decisions in the next period in regard to healthcare, and the improvement of the economic situation in the country.

I hope the citizens will turn out en masse to vote in elections today to confirm the path we have all followed ,and to choose security, a clear vision and perspective, Spasovski added.