The Socialist Party of Macedonia (SPM) carefully read the last statement of the Prime Minister of Portugal, Antonio Costa, regarding the enlargement of the European Union, the party said, adding that in the context of the current institutional and budgetary conditions, the EU cannot fulfill the expectations of the enlargement that it created them on its own, and with the emerging crisis, it put the very issue of enlargement at the center of the debate, which, with the many promises made over the years, increased expectations, especially in the Western Balkan countries.

The European Union has very clear criteria for the accession of new member states, but it has no criteria for its own capacity to receive new member states. All this should be perfectly clear to any member of the Macedonian Government, especially to Kovacevski, Maricic and Osmani, say SPM.

The Socialist Party of Macedonia condemns the “false representations and manipulations created by the Prime Minister, the ministers and competent institutions in Macedonia in connection with the negotiations with the EU, which have not even started yet.”

The Socialist Party of Macedonia points out that the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, led by “the illegitimate Prime Minister Kovacevski, with his servile attitude and acceptance of everything that is demanded from abroad, especially with its vassal attitude towards Bulgaria and the fulfillment of all Sofia’s demands, is only destroying the Macedonian state.”

The Socialist Party of Macedonia indicates that it is necessary to change the Prime Minister and the government and arrival of a new government that is nationally determined, professional and capable with people who will work in the interest of the citizens and the state. Therefore, with urgent and immediate early parliamentary elections, it is necessary to make that change and to define new strategies that, with the mandate received, will mean the salvation of the state and its future, says SPM.