VMRO-DPMNE revealed today that Ukrainian businessman Onishchenko received Macedonian citizenship in May 2022, when Kovacevski has already been prime minister for five months.

According to the party, the National Security Agency and the Ministry of Interior had to inform Kovacevski that they granted citizenship to a person blacklisted in the United States, and a person wanted by Ukraine.

Viktor Dimovski and Oliver Spasovski had to inform Kovacevski. All three worked against the strategic interests of Macedonia. The responsibility for the case of Onishchenko’s issued citizenship cannot end with the suspension of NSA employees. There must be political responsibility for Viktor Dimovski and Oliver Spasovski.

The opposition believes that Dimovski should not be Macedonia’s ambassador to France.

After this scandal with the Macedonian citizenship issued to the Russian intelligence officer Onishchenko, instead of in Paris, the director of the National Security Agency Viktor Dimovski is better to be sent as an ambassador to Moscow, Belgrade, or Cairo, where he will probably receive more confidential information. Because in France or in NATO, as an intelligence officer, he no longer has the credibility someone to share sensitive security information with him, Antonijo Milososki told “Alfa” last night.

To all these accusations, the government assures that the procedure to revoke the citizenship of the Ukrainian tycoon has started.