Jovana Trencevska takes away the authorities for kindergartens from the municipalities so that she can appoint directors from SDS, who are involved series of scandals and unpleasant events. The incident with brutal violence against a 10-month-old baby in Gevgelija is the last in a series, where a director appointed by Trencevska hides violence and does not report it to the police, VMRO-DPMNE reacts.

This is the second such case of the same director, for whom the kindergarten and the children in it are obviously not a priority. And instead of having responsibility and dismissal, Trencevska formed a commission after the example of Filipce’s commissions for all the KOVID scandals, for Jildiz, and for the old man from the Kratovo region, which did not see an epilogue. Instead of inventing bodies and commissions that will end without an epilogue and responsibility, Trencevska should dismiss the director of the kindergarten from Gevgelija and immediately after that return the authorities to the kindergartens of the Municipality of Gevgelija, says the party.