State prosecutors informed today that they have already initiated criminal charges against Dragi Raskovski, Secretary General of the Government, over the tapes which revealed his involvement in a procurement contract worth 7.5 million EUR.

Following the reactions in the public calling on the prosecutors to investigate the dubious procurement of air traffic control equipment, the Organized crime unit is informing the public that an investigation was launched as soon as the tape was made available, and in the meantime we received an additional report from a political party, the OJO/PPO office of public prosecutors informed today.

The Organized crime unit adds that all materials were collected in August and are being analyzed. The tapes, apparently recorded by an official of the M-NAV air traffic control agency, revealed Raskovski instructing M-NAV officials to sign a contract with the Italian producer Leonardo despite legal issues with their offer. The tapes also reveal that Raskovski used racist language against Italians, Roma, Maltese and southern nations in general.