Neither Mile Zecevic nor SDS answered the questions of public interest, related to the scandalous scenario and the escape of a convict from Idrizovo! That’s why today we continue with another sequence in the direction of how the escape took place and who is involved in the structures of the crime coalition, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski.

The SDS/DUI crime coalition must answer whether, along with Srdjan “with the boss to the end” Dimitrievski, Idriz Asani, a prison police officer from Studenicani, also has a major role in the scenario of the escape of a convicted murderer?

Is the Dimitrievski – Asani coalition the main organizers or only executors of this escape?

Is Idriz Asani a member of the DUI and the right-hand man of the deputy director of the Idrizovo prison, Femi Jonuzi, the president of the DUI branch in Studenichani?

Did Srdjan Dimitrievski and Idriz Asani work alone, or was the decision about the escape made at a higher level?

Is there another message behind the escape “with the boss to the end”?

Is the escape of a prisoner in Idrizovo organized by Srdjan Dimitrievski from SDS and Idriz Asani from DUI?

They turned Macedonia into the territory of the mafia, of criminals, of murderers. They filled the prison administration with a party army.

Only those who have nothing to do with the mafia, with Spasovski, with Zecevic, with the SDS/DUI coalition of crime and corruption, serve prison sentences.

While crime reigns, prisons serve for political calculations!