The Brako company and the Healthcare Ministry issued statements insisting that the modular hospital, which burnt down with huge loss of life yesterday in Tetovo, was built up to all expected standards.

Our company works under the highest standards of quality and delivers prefabricated modular containers with top safety standards, that met the expectations of the World Bank, which funded the project, said the Brako company, which is partially owned by Zaev’s former Deputy Prime Minister Koco Angusev – a fact that raised eyebrows during the awarding of the contract of over three million EUR to supply a dozen such hospitals across the country.

Brako insist that the objections that were raised by the director of the Tetovo hospital in April, when the facility was installed, were of minor character and included issues with water insulation, and not a vital element that could contribute to the fire.

The Healthcare Ministry also defended its project to quickly build modular hospital using a politically linked contractor, insisting that the hospital wards helped save lives. “The Covid center in Tetovo had three exits, wide corridors and low windows to help in possible evacuation. Wood was not used during construction and other protective measures were taken, the Ministry said.

But the deputy head of the Tetovo fire brigade, Saso Trajcevski, said that the hospital was built of flammable plastic and styrofoam, and the blaze spread with lightning speed through the rooms.