We are carefully following the latest Report of the US State Department on the protection of human rights in Macedonia.
This report is the most critical report in recent years regarding the guarantee of human rights by the Government and the authorities in general. It is clear that the Government is the most corrupt element of the state, accuses VMRO-DPMNE.

And if we analyze the previous reports, it is clear that the attitude of the State Department went from being admonishing, in the last three years, to condemning the work of this Government and from a moderate and careful criticism to a direct condemnation of what the Government is doing. Corruption has become an incurable disease for this Government. The report finds, and I quote here, “serious government corruption, significant judicial corruption, inefficient courts, endemic corruption among prison staff and delayed justice.”

On 47 pages, 22 times the Report talks about high corruption in all echelons of government. And if in 2020 or 2021 civil servants were considered corrupt, now entire layers of the ruling elite are corrupt. In the judiciary, from certain examples of wrong judicial behavior, injustice and corruption have now grown into the number 1 problem of both citizens and international partners. The absence of judicial independence and drastically reduced trust – the lowest measured level of trust in the justice system since the country’s independence, i.e. only four percent, only shows the truths we all live with daily. The report also locates responsibility. Extremely low public confidence in the judiciary is due to significant judicial corruption, as judges deliberately delay trials or appellate review to allow the statute of limitations to take effect.

Finally, journalistic freedoms are seriously affected. If there was ever talk of weak independence of journalism, the situation turned into open threats to journalists and bad media freedoms, I quote again “the government did not take concrete measures to sanction violations of journalists’ rights and protect their safety”.
It is clear, respected ones, that everyone sees that corruption is eating away at the DUI and SDSM government. At the same time, it also eats away at every healthy tissue in society. The international partners notice it, but the citizens see it the most. Citizens’ human rights are at risk, and injuries are a daily occurrence. That is why changes are needed immediately.