Education Minister Yeton Shaqiri announced that in 10 days the Ministry will decide if the school year is going to start on the 1st of September. Shaqiri stated that in a week the Commission of human resources will give three suggestions for when the school year should start and when will it end.

The fist suggestion is the school year to remain as it was, to start on September 1st, and end on June 10th, with no spring break.

The second suggestion is the school year starts the September 11th, ends in the middle of June and again there is no spring break.
The third suggestion is for the school year to start on the first of September, and ends in the middle of June, with a day spring break.

Unions of high school students will be involved, as will trade unions so their opinions can be heard by the members of the Commission. I think that within ten days we will have a final opinion on which of the proposals will be accepted, said Shaqiri, answering journalist’s questions before the start of the Forum for the reorganization of the school network. “But at the same meeting, representatives from the Education Development Bureau will have to be present, as well as the institution that has proposed the program for that subject.” added Shaquiri.